8 Foods That Help You To Lose Weight

8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

“lose weight” is always considered as a major problem in our life and we always put exercises a front and neglecting the importance of food whenever we talking about losing weight but if you choose those foods which can help you in weight loss then it will be a bonus and will lose weight more quickly.
Now, if we are talking about choosing food, it’s very important for you to choose those foods which reduce your weight as well as gives you proper nutrition. So, here are 8 foods that help you lose weight and provide you nutrition as well.

1. Broccoli:


8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Broccoli is a green vegetable which is from Cabbage family and always consider as the most healthy vegetable because it contains fiber, magnesium, protein, zinc, vitamin A and will give you calcium to your bones as well.

 Benefits of Broccoli:

  • Prevention of cancer– Broccoli has immune boosting properties which can help you fighting against cancer just like cauliflower and cabbage.
  • Rid of an allergic and swelling problem: We can found kaempferol and omega 3 fatty acids in broccoli which can reduce your allergic and swelling problems.
  • Reduce cholesterol problem– Broccoli contains soluble fiber which can help you reduce cholesterol.
  • Good for bones: Broccoli has a good amount of calcium and vitamin K which is very beneficial for our bones.
  • Helpful in dieting: Broccoli is very helpful in dieting as it has fiber which is beneficial for digestion and it also prevents from constipation problem as well.

2. Spinach:


8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

We always related Spinach with “Popeye” the great cartoon character who ate spinach to regain his power and similar like Popeye it also gives us strength and power. Spinach is the green flowering plant which is related to Amaranthaceae’s family and it contains Vitamin A, magnesium, Iron, Vitamin K etc. It is a very good source of dietary fiber, zinc, and protein as well which is good for health.

Benefits of spinach:

  • Good for your Eyesight: Spinach contains beta-carotene, lutein, and xanthene which are very good for your eyesight.
  • Control blood Pressure: Spinach can control your high blood pressure problems as it has the high level of potassium and low level of sodium.
  • Improve your Muscles: you can find C0-Q10 in spinach and with the help of that you can improve your muscles, so this is very good for those who do exercises and gymming.
  • Prevent from Strokes and Heart attack: Spinach has lutein which prevents you from Heart and mind strokes, so this is very good for those who are suffering from these problems as well.
  • Save you from Cancer: Spinach has a power to save you from a different type of cancer like bladder, prostate, liver and lung cancer.

3. Beetroot Juice:

8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Beetroot Juice can increase your stamina which helps you exercise longer, it also improves your blood flow and blood pressure as it has carbohydrates, calories.

Benefits of Beetroot Juice:

  • Increase Blood flow: Beetroots has the capacity to increase your blood flow level as it has high percentages of nitrate which is good for your blood.
  • Good for Muscles: Many people don’t know that beetroot can enhance your muscles power and muscles and if you are doing gym it’s really good for you.
  • Control your blood pressure: Beetroots contains nitrates which can control your blood pressure, so it is good for your if drink beetroot juice on daily basis.
  • Increase your blood cells: Most people drink beetroot juice because it increase your blood cells and it’s very true that beetroot can help you to increase your blood cells.
  • Rids you from Constipation problem: many people suggest that  beetroots can rids you from constipation problem and improve your metabolism, so beetroots are good for constipation

4. Sprouts:

8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Sprouts are the famous practicing in which we can eat raw or cooked sprouts and it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and protein which can control your blood sugar. Sprouts are very helpful in gaining stamina because it has fiber.

Benefits of Sprouts:

  • Increase your Digestion system: One of the biggest reason that you eat sprouts because it increases your digestion level as it contains enzymes which can help you to digest your food more quickly.
  • Prevent from Anemia: Anemia occur when you have a lack of iron in your body but sprouts can prevent you from anemia and iron problem as sprouts contain a good amount of iron.
  • Helping in weight loss: If you are talking about weight loss you cannot forget that sprouts are the best food for weight loss as it contains nutrients which can help you in lose weight.
  • Increase your vision and eye -sight: Sprouts are also very helpful for your eyes as it can increase your vision and eye -sight.

5. Berries:

8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Berries are very helpful for your health whenever you are doing dieting or trying to lose weight because it has all the major nutrition which can provide you strength and power. Berries like Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries has the most amount of fiber like one cup has 7 grams of fiber. Different type berries have a different type of quality and vitamins.

Benefits of Berries:

  • Sharp your memory: In a research study found that people who ate berries have a good memory so this is very important that you include berries in your daily routine life.
  • Reduce your diabetes problem: Try to eat berries more often because can help you to reduce your diabetes problem as you can find fiber in berries which are good in diabetes.
  • Prevent you from Parkinson’s disease:  Research suggested that If we eat berries on regular basis it is possible that it can prevent us from developing Parkinson’s disease. In this disease, our nerve cells affect movement and it can cause our muscle, tremors, and change our speech and gait.
  • Helpful in Weight loss: You can easily find fiber and liquid in purest form in berries which can help you in lose weight. You can berry in your daily salad recipe which is very delicious and healthy.

6. Albumen or white part of egg:

8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

The white part of an egg is called albumen is very helpful for those who are trying to reduce their weight as white part found low-calorie and fat-free which is very good for your health.

benefits of Albumen:

  • Build your Muscles: one can easily find the high content of protein in Album which can help you build your muscles, so try to eat white part of the egg.
  • Reduce blood pressure: as earlier said that albumen has a high amount of protein and with the help of protein one can easily reduce their blood pressure problem.
  • Beneficial for hair and skin: Protein can very beneficial in hair and skin problem so you can take help from when you face any hair and skin problem.
  • Makes you stronger: Many people suggest that egg can make you stronger and healthy, so it is important that you can add eggs to your daily diet.

7. Boiled potatoes:

8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Boil potatoes are very helpful for you because you can find low calories and fat but have nutrients and fiber in their purest form so they can give your body potassium, vitamins, phosphorus, and minerals. Boiled potatoes can help you in weight loss.

Benefits of Boiled potatoes:

  • Good for Blood pressure: Boiled potatoes are good for controlling blood pressure as potatoes are a rich content of fiber which can help you to control your blood pressure.
  • Control your cholesterol: Potatoes are very helpful to control your cholesterol which is good for your health as well.
  • Helpful in weight loss: If you use Boiled potatoes in regular basis it will definitely help you in lose weight as boiled potatoes are low in calories and fat.
  • Helpful in digestion: Boiled potatoes are helpful in digestion because boiled potatoes to have rich in fiber and it will help you digest your food more quickly.

8. Whole Grains:

8 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Whole grains are the good content of copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and can prevent you from diabetes, heart attack and different form of cancer.

Benefits of Whole grains:

  • Control your weight: Whole grains have capabilities to control your weight because research has shown that people who ate whole grains had less risk to put major weight gain.
  • Reduce your Asthma risk: Having whole grains in your regular diet can help you reduce your risk of having Asthma, so it is batter for you to eat whole grains on the regular diet.
  • Prevent you from Cancer risk: Some evidence suggests that whole grains can prevent you from a different type of cancer like pancreatic, colorectal and breast cancer.
  • Control your blood pressure: It is also said that whole grains can help you from blood pressure problem.

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  • The summary of the content is that if you eat these 8 foods which mention in this article will definitely help you in lose weight.
  • Only eating healthy food is not enough so try to do some exercise as well and if you want to reduce tummy then you should do some abs workout as well.
So, what are you waiting for?? Just add these important foods in your diet plan and get full benefits of them.





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